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Alert system will enhance safety

Published June 21, 2005

If modern technology capable of issuing warnings to the citizenry would have been available in colonial America, Paul Revere would have been just another silversmith.

Thanks to an alert system Brazoria County is now employing, there’s no need to have somebody ride through the countryside. There’s not even a need to tune in to emergency broadcasts on television or radio. Residents can get up-to-the-minute information on storms, emergency road closures or even disease outbreaks sent to their e-mail address, cell phone or pager.

Those who register on the county’s Web site also can receive less alarming, but still useful, information on tax deadlines, marriage licenses and car registrations, thanks to the county’s agreement with, a Friendswood company that specializes in wireless alerts.

County Judge John Willy says there are any number of purposes for which the system could be put to use — officials are still considering the wide range of possibilities.

“This information is information that comes directly from the source. It’s quick and it’s accurate,” said Group Builder’s Brenda Reed. Group Builder has been providing alerts to communities for eight years and designed Harris County’s Amber Alert system.

To sign up for the alerts, visit and click on the “Subscribe” link under “Latest Brazoria County News” on the right side of the page.

The alerts are free and the county pays Group Builder $5,000 a year to provide the service.

A system that can provide crucial emergency information to enhance the safety and well-being of county residents is welcome at any time, and the minimal cost of this program makes it even more attractive.

The county’s expenditure is probably less than it would cost to install a light in a church steeple and supply feed for Paul Revere’s horse today.


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