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County subscribes to alert system

Published June 9, 2005

ANGLETON — Brazoria County residents can get storm updates, road closure reports and tax deadlines sent to them under a new program the county started Wednesday.

Residents who register on the county’s Web site can get the information sent to their e-mail address, cell phone or pager, through an agreement with, a Friendswood company that specializes in wireless alerts.

“I’ve already got the evacuation map up there,” said Rick Perry, the county’s emergency management coordinator.

While storm alerts might be the most exciting news to come over the service, clients will get notice of other events such as accidents that close roads, information on marriage licenses and car registrations, Brazoria County Judge John Willy said.

“We’ll have a meeting with department heads and decide what needs to go on there,” Willy said. “If there’s a West Nile virus-type situation, people need to know about it. It gives them a flash of what people need to watch for.”’s Brenda Reed said the city of Freeport and the Brazosport Chamber of Commerce already use the service.

“This information is information that comes directly from the source,” Reed said. “It’s quick and it’s accurate.” has been doing alerts for eight years and designed Harris County’s Amber Alert system, Reed said.

The system is free to users. The county is paying $5,000 a year to subscribe to the service, which Willy said is a bargain.

“There’s just any number of things it can be used for,” Willy said.

To sign up for the alerts, go to


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