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Do you need GroupBuilder?

The short answer: If you have need to send email to 100+ recipients you will benefit greatly by becoming a GroupBuilder client.

Here's a short list of organizations/professions that can improve their ability to communicate by using and some ideas on the ways to use

Amber Plan Organizations
Cities & Counties
Communication Directors - PIO's
Conference Coordinators
Country Clubs
Crime Watch Groups
Elected Officials
Emergency Managers
Fund Raisers &
Event Coordinators
Homeowners Associations
Marketing Depts.
Non-Profit & Volunteer Organizations
Retail Stores
Schools & Daycare Facilities

Churches can setup email groups for all the different areas of interest:
General News
Youth Groups
Social Clubs
Volunteer Groups
Bibles Study
Prayer Groups
Messages from the Minister
Birthday’s & Anniversaries
GroupBuilder can be used to easily update Events, Calendar, and News sections of your church website.
Save your church time & money by emailing instead of mailing letters.

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