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Do you need GroupBuilder?

The short answer: If you have need to send email to 100+ recipients you will benefit greatly by becoming a GroupBuilder client.

Here's a short list of organizations/professions that can improve their ability to communicate by using and some ideas on the ways to use

Amber Plan Organizations
Cities & Counties
Communication Directors - PIO's
Conference Coordinators
Country Clubs
Crime Watch Groups
Elected Officials
Emergency Managers
Fund Raisers &
Event Coordinators
Homeowners Associations
Marketing Depts.
Non-Profit & Volunteer Organizations
Retail Stores
Schools & Daycare Facilities
Emergency Managers

Email has proven to be the best communication tool that Emergency Managers have at their disposal.

GroupBuilder will give you the ability to send information directly to:

  TV/Radio station news and assignment desk
  Cell Phones
  Wireless PDA's

Email has become so versatile and reliable that the United States Military is now using it in the battle field.

A recent NEWSWEEK article shows how the United States Military is using email on the battle field. 

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