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Notification Deal on Clute Agenda The Facts - January, 30, 2007
Residents could get police, news and emergency information alerts via e-mail, text messages and pagers if Clute officials move forward with a notification system being considered...“During the Rita evacuation, the city could have used it,” David Read said. “The only way to communicate with residents during times like that is through your Web site and e-mail.”
“It looks like a good service,” said Councilman David Culpepper. “It sounds extremely easy.”
“It seems like the city could benefit from a system like this,” Councilman Travis Quinn said.

Brazosport Area Chamber First Place Newsletter

The Facts - July, 18, 2005
The Texas Chamber of Commerce executives present awards each year for excellence in media design at their annual conference. From 614 chambers of commerce in Texas, only a few innovative chambers received one of the top three placements in the media contest. In our division, the Brazosport Area Chamber received first place for our newsletter.
Alert System will Enhance Safety The Facts - June, 21, 2005
If modern technology capable of issuing warnings to the citizenry would have been available in colonial America, Paul Revere would have been just another silversmith... Thanks to an alert system Brazoria County is now employing, there’s no need to have somebody ride through the countryside. There’s not even a need to tune in to emergency broadcasts on television or radio. Residents can get up-to-the-minute information on storms, emergency road closures or even disease outbreaks sent to their e-mail address, cell phone or pager.
Perry signs Bill for Mandatory Area Evacuation Houston Chronicle - June, 10, 2005
Brazoria County's office of Emergency Management sent out its first e-mail advisory Thursday on a new system designed to alert residents to potential danger... The alert about Arlene reported that the National Weather Service had advised that the storm "currently poses no threat to the state of Texas."... But it also warned that "interests along the Texas Coast are urged to remain vigilant as these types of systems are very unpredictable and can change directional movement at any time."... A link to the advisory system can be found at the county's Web site at
County Subscribes to Alert System The Facts - June, 9, 2005
Brazoria County residents can get storm updates, road closure reports and tax deadlines sent to them under a new program the county started Wednesday... Residents who register on the county’s Web site can get the information sent to their e-mail address, cell phone or pager, through an agreement with Group Builder, a Friendswood company that specializes in wireless alerts...

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